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Stadco Cooling was acquired by Aqua Cooling Solutions in 2010 from the Stadco Automotive Group.

Prior to the acquisition, Aqua had been Stadco Cooling’s water chiller provider for several years. So, when Stadco decided to sell the non-core sector of their business, Aqua were a natural successor to take the company’s legacy into the future.

Stadco Cooling’s business model, delivering their air blast cooler and pump set offering into the heavy engineering sector, fitted seamlessly with Aqua’s. The two companies became integrated very quickly and Stadco Cooling customers saw a continuation of the high levels of quality, customer service and engineering prowess that they’d come to expect from the Stadco name.

Today, Stadco Cooling exists within Aqua as a separate brand name and all of its products are still very much available. In addition, the after sales support offered by Aqua’s engineers guarantees that any product you purchase will be able to be serviced and maintained longer term.

Along with a complete range of air blast coolers and pump sets, Aqua Cooling can provide cooling towers, water chillers and heat exchanger sets to both on and off shore requirements.

If you have an existing Stadco system and would like a site evaluation, call 0845 0941 800 today and book a free of charge survey by an engineer who will gladly give your equipment the once over to ensure it is operating correctly and running as efficiently as possible.

Industrial Cooling Solutions - Aqua Cooling

Aqua Cooling Solutions offer a full range of Industrial Cooling Solutions for your business requirements. From cooling towers to data centre cooling, air blast coolers to bespoke chillers designed exactly for your needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the professionalism of our services and have worked with major brands across the UK and Worldwide. Aqua's range of cooling products include:

data centre cooling

Data Centre Cooling

Our experienced engineers have worked in supplying Data Centre Cooling technology to major brands and businesses and in extreme climate conditions, such as the Middle East. Along with our patented award winning Leak Prevention System, Aqua have the skills and experience to provide an effective solution for your Data Centre Cooling requirements...Read More About Our Data Centre Cooling

air blast coolers

Air Blast Coolers

Air Blast Coolers from Aqua Cooling Solutions. Our range of Air Blast, or Dry Air Coolers offer extremely reliable and robust performance across all our models and are designed for fast-track installation. Contact Aqua's expert engineers today to discuss your cooling requirements and how an air blast cooling solution will suit your business needs...Read More About Our Air Blast Coolers

cooling towers

Cooling Towers

Aqua's range of Cooling Tower solutions are designed for high efficiency and low maintenance and are the perfect solution for sound and space sensitive application. Our experienced engineers are on hand to talk through the various options and will offer recommendations for the perfect solution for your business...Read More About Our Cooling Towers

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